Something that Scares Me

Eleanor Roosevelt said:

“Do one thing every day that scares you.”

(No, this mantra was not coined by your over-active Facebook friends in search of thought-provoking statuses. I was surprised too.)

If you’ve seen this quote, and you’re like me, it’s made you reflect upon your relatively sheltered life. I definitely don’t do one scary thing a day, I’m not even sure if I do one a month. Every time I see it I ponder my day:

Breakfast wasn’t that scary, cereal’s easy… I guess it was sort of scary driving to school, I hear that can go wrong some times… That episode of Drugs Inc. was semi-alarming… 

However, there is nothing that I purposely do in order to be petrified and until I started seeing this quote on every “Words To Live By” Pinterest board I thought that was a normal way to live your life. But! Lo and behold! When Eleanor looked me in the face last night as I was browsing the cyber space I felt her pat me on the back…


I love the beach. But the beach at night, not gonna lie, scares the bajeebers out of me.  It’s just one of those things that doesn’t feel natural. Quickly: 3 words that come into your head when you hear the word “beach”? Sand, sea, SUN. Emphasis on the sun. But last night when my boyfriend came home from the gym and suggested the whole scaling of the neighbour’s wall and taking a quick dip in the sea I went for it. We didn’t last long as I can guarantee I wasn’t the playful beach babe he was looking for – more like a paranoid squealing mess – but it happened, I was scared, the end.

I’m not sure when next I’ll do something that scares me but, in light of my new-found thrill-seeking nature, here is a short list of things that scare me that maybe I should try to do soon:

  • Failing school
  • Contracting a deathly illness
  • Really large fires

Until next time,



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