1200th Time’s a Charm…

I’d say maybe every six months I find myself here again.

Maybe not “here” here — but somewhere in cyber space. Typing my heart out to an unknown (and usually nonexistent) audience, welcoming them to the blog I’m about to start (really this time, I promise) and ending it with a side note that I have no idea what it will be about but hopefully it’ll “just come to me”. Three months later I remember that I started it, find it, delete it, hope no one I know ever read it.

Perhaps I have deep issues rooted somewhere down in my psyche that prevent me from keeping promises to myself. Perhaps it started somewhere around the first dozen Neopets I forgot to feed even after all the Neo-points I invested in them. Perhaps I am just idea-less and looking for an excuse. Perhaps perhaps.

So this time – no promises. I’ll be straight up with you:

I’d like to start a blog. I’d like it to be about the fun things I do, dinners I eat, books I read and shenanigans I come up with to keep myself busy on the little Caribbean island I call home whilst my friends are away and my poor boyfriend is stuck putting up with me all day. I’d like to post lovely things and I’d like to do so frequently. I’d like to think I can do this.

Maybe the absence of formality and lack of promises will bring me back here soon. Fingers crossed.


Until next time?